Abrasion resistant plates XAR

Abrasion resistant steel plates produced by ThyssenKrupp Germany.

Available in : XAR400 – XAR450 – XAR500 – XAR600

Ideal for chutes, bins, cutting edges,…
The XAR quality has an exceptional wear resistance.

Chromium carbide hardfacing overlay plates.
Hardness: 650/700 HB.

Representing one of the most versatile wear resistant  materials currently existing. Available in a choice of standard plates sizes typically dim. 3000 x 1500 mm
(or supplied to drawing) and in a choice of thicknesses from 6 up to 29 mm.

produced by THYSSENKRUPP
abrasion resistant plates xar

Special tubular construction requiring low operating currents.
Hardness: 650/700 HB.

These electrodes have been engineered to provide extended service life at ambiant and elevated temperatures involving abrasion, erosion, impact and cavitation.


All cast parts as per drawing or as per samples.
abrasion polyurethanes flotation
abrasion polyurethanes


All cast parts as per drawing or as per samples.

These parts offer excellent working performances
not just in abrasion but in impact resistance too.

Polyurethane performs 5 to 6 times better than so-called “wear resistant” rubber.

Absorbs the shock perfectly whilst still resisting the abrasion, this justified its use for the production of screen decks and linings.

Results are much higher compared to classic elastomers with similar hardness; the compression-springs admit loads 3 to 4 times higher.



HMWPE offers both a very good abrasion and impact resistance and sliding properties due to a very low coefficient of friction.

Good chemical resistance.

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