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Revolutionize your mining fleet with our advanced tire solutions designed for peak performance in the toughest environments. Elevate your mining operations with tires that go beyond expectations, setting new standards in performance and longevity.

tire press

tire press for the mining industry

MATAM were originally developed more then 25 years ago for users who wished to safely and quickly mount/dismount/inflate Giant or Off The Road (OTR) tire assemblies. The use of the MATAM range of Tire Press Centers will extend tire carcass, tire bead, and rim life as a result of the substantially reduced handling damage when mounting and demounting assemblies with a Tire Press Center rather than by conventional methods. A MATAM Tire Press saves time and manpower costs while preserving equipment.


Standard product features and benefits

  • Electrical and air outlets at strategic locations for better safety and efficiency
  • Buffing station for rim repair, cleaning and inspection creates better safety and efficiency
  • Low-oil shut off system for safety and preventative maintenance
  • All access hoses are auto-retract for better safety and convenience
  • 2.5″ or 3″ per cylinder (vs. 2″ on competitors) for better durability and longevity
  • Patented slide table allows for better access and visibility
  • 2 pump Hi/Lo system for speed under no load gives better control under load
  • 50HP Baldor motor is and advanced power unit and superior to competitors
  • Complete lighting package for better safety and convenience
  • Air, nitrogen, hydraulic and electrical lines at various locations for better safety and convenience
  • Large hydraulic system (110 gal tank) supports auxiliary tools and equipment
  • Tire press painted in customer supplied colors to standardize to surroundings
  • Line remote control system for table pads and slide table increase safety and reduce manpower
  • Access stairs (2 corners or sides) with grab handles and railings for better safety and efficiency

Standard Features included on all of the following models

  • TP1000 changing tires from 20 inch thru 33 inch tire sizes
  • TP1500 changing tires from 25 thru 45 inch tire sizes
  • TP2500 changing tires from 33 thru 49 inch tire sizes
  • TP3000 changing tires from 33 thru 45 inch tire sizes
  • TP3500 changing tire sizes 33 thru 51 inch tire sizes
  • TP4500 changing tire sizes 33 thru 57 inch tire sizes
  • TP5000* changing tire sizes 33 thru 63 inch tire sizes
  • TP5500* changing tire sizes 57 and 63 inch tire sizes Super HD

*Note: these models will change next generation tires and 67 and 69 inch tires.

Optional product features and benefits

  • Lifting bars available for added safety
  • Jib crane with hoist available for added safety
  • Press molded tool cabinets available for added efficiency
  • Additional access stairs available for added safety and efficiency
  • Laser fence system available for added security
  • Buffing station available for added efficiency
  • Patented slide pad available eliminates the need for clamps
  • Expansion kit for 67″, 69″, 72″ (models 320/350) enables versatility for the future
  • Adapter kit for smaller diameter rims (24″ to 35″) enables versatility for all models
  • Trained technicians supplied to install and train employees

Quarry Truck Heavy duty tires

Matam has an extensive range of quarry tires for your heavy trucks, loaders, graders, excavators, scrapers, etc.

heavy duty tires for quarry trucks
heavy duty tires for quarry loaded on a truck for shippment
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